They say

Managing Social Media is a Full-Time Job

When I started my first business I wore all the hats. Landscaper by day, marketer/sales/accounting/customer service, and more by night. I noticed when I spent time doing the things I didn't know about or didn't enjoy, they didn't get done as well. If you do not understand social media, or have time to do it all yourself, I can help.

Mastering your

Marketing Mix

One of the most important parts of social media management are our first meetings to determine a few key things: Who is your target customer? Where are they? How can we educate and entertain them? What type of image do you want to portray? From there we can reverse engineer your goals getting you to them quicker and saving you a fortune!

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Social Media Process

Create Profiles

Secure your brand name on all major platforms

Step 1

Create Content

Create audio, photo, video, written, and any other content that you can

Step 2

Schedule Content Publishing

Map out your delivery to the public

Step 3

Publish & Analyze Response

Read the comments, engage the fans, and take notes.

Step 4

Make Adjustments

Repurpose any material you can and republish.

Step 5


Take what you have learned from campaign and do it all again.

Step 6